Welcome to the Prince Edward Historical Society's guide to the historical plaques in The County.
We are building this site for the benefit of curious people who love to stop at the side of the road and read about what happened on that spot.  Begin at the map.

We need your help!  If you know of a plaque within Prince Edward County which is not yet included here, we would love to hear about it.  Use the Contact Us form, and send us:

  • a photo of the plaque (clear enough that the words can be read)
  • the address and a description of the location (another photo showing where the plaque is, if it’s not easy to spot, and GPS co-ordinates, are often helpful)
  • any other interesting information about it you would like to add.

Individuals who send us data about plaques will be recognized on this site!

We thank the County Foundation and the PEC Fund for the funding which allowed us to create this site.